STEM Partnerships

At the STEM Partnership School, we make partnering with the community a priority. We are fortunate to have a diverse group of university, corporate and nonprofit partners who contribute to the educational experience of our students. Partnerships look different depending on the organization.

University Partnerships

Our partnership with Aurora University faculty provides STEM Partnership School students and teachers with content specific expertise. Teachers and students engage with university faculty and undergraduates. They also have the opportunity to attend campus events such as museum and art exhibits, musical performances, and presentations from invited public intellectuals. These allow for rich, inspirational moments that are meaningful and lasting.

Students Drawing
STEM Partnership School students reflecting on art work in Aurora University’s Schingoethe Theatre.
Julie Adams
Dr. Julie Adams, AU biology faculty, works with a STEM Partnership School student to reconstruct a skunk’s skeleton as part of her Genius Hour project.
Juan Colon Santana
Dr. Juan Colon Santana, AU physics faculty, provides STEM Partnership School teachers with professional learning on information transfer and fiber optics.

Corporate and Nonprofit Partnerships

Corporate and nonprofit partnerships provide students the opportunity to see the connection between what they are learning in the classroom and the world outside of school.  Whether it is a site visit to one of our partners, a presentation in a classroom with a professional or a virtual conversation with an expert, our students see real world application in action.

Scheck and Siress Representative
Caterpillar Representative
Scheck and Siress and Caterpillar representatives talk to students about information to take into consideration when developing prosthetics.
Conservation Foundation
Representatives from The Conservation Foundation talk to STEM Partnership School students about the environmental impacts of water runoff.
Brookfield Zoo
STEM Partnership School students visit Brookfield Zoo one of the school’s nonprofit partners to observe various examples of consumers.

District Outreach

STEM Partnership School administrators and teachers provide professional learning opportunities for others. Teachers from local school districts and school districts from across the nation come to the STEM Partnership School to learn innovative teaching strategies.

Batavia Teachers
Batavia Teachers
Teachers from Batavia High School spend time examining inquiry and classroom implementation.

Our school is fortunate to have these partnerships established. We encourage you to reach out and build partnerships within your community.

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